Fabrication & Metal Roofing

Fabrication & Metal Roofing

Metal Fabrication

With almost 80 years designing and making high quality, innovative products, Johnson offers our expert manufacturing capabilities in the areas of metal fabrication, welding and machining services. We can fabricate items to your specifications and even assist in the design process.

We have made a wide variety of custom fabricated items including: special fixtures, catwalks, tanks, steel tables, aluminum racks, special clamps, conveyors, stainless steel fittings, specialty trailers, complex boxes and storage containers. Please call to discuss your project and get a quote.

Metal Roofing & Siding

As a dealer for Metal Sales Manufacturing, we sell metal roofing and siding panels for all kinds of structures. We do not perform any installation services, but we’re a great source to purchase your roofing or siding panels in the Woodland and greater Sacramento area.

We also sell steel, aluminum and stainless steel bar, tubing, plate, sheet and structural shapes to the public. Call or send us a list of the items you would like a quote on.

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