PBR Panel

Storage facility/Hamilton, Ohio

  • Exposed Fastened Metal Building Panel
  • 36″ Panel Coverage
  • Trapezoidal Rib on 12″ Centers
  • 1-1/4″ Rib Height
  • Gauges: 26 GA and 24 GA Standard,
    22 GA Optional
  • Minimum Roof Slope: 1 : 12
  • Applies Over Open Framing
    or Solid Substrate
  • Finishes: MS Colorfast 25, PVDF,
    and Acrylic Coated Galvalume®



  1. Texas Windstorm Approved
  2. UL 580, Class 90 Wind Uplift
  3. UL 2218, Class 4 Impact Resistance
  4. UL 790, Class A Fire Resistance Rating



  1. Theoretical section properties computed for flexural loads per AISI Cold Formed Steel Design Manual 1986 Edition.
  2. Loads in tables based on continuous beam over three equal spans. For stress loads, 2-span load would be 0.80 of the 3-span load.
  3. Allowable loads have not been increased by 33 1/3% for wind uplift.
  4. Allowable loads for deflection based on deflection limitation of span/180.
  5. For roof panels, self weight of the panel has to be deducted from the allowable inward load to arrive at the actual “live load” carrying capacity of the panel.