Eagle Electric Cart

Columbia’s Eagle is the finest electric golf cart available. It is offered in a street legal LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) version and a non-street legal PTV (Personal Transport Vehicle) version.

Eagle LSV has a 17 digit VIN and is legal to operate on streets with posted speed limits of 35 mph or less. Eagle LSV travels at a top speed of 25 mph.

Columbia Eagle LSV Electric Cart Red Front View
Eagle in Toredor Red

The non-street legal version is the Eagle PTV. It has many of the features of the LSV but it’s top speed is 19 mph and it is not legal to drive on public roads.

Two PURE ELECTRIC drive systems are available – standard DC drive and the new AC drive.  The DC drive system is standard and provides plenty of power.  AC drive is an option that upgrades your cart to the newest, state of the art, most powerful drive system available. Eventually all electric cart will move to AC drive. With Eagle – you can have it now. It’s more efficient, and provides more power, torque and hill climbing ability. Your cart will run about 20% longer on a charge and there’s less maintenance, because the drive motor is a brushless AC motor.

Columbia’s Eagle comes standard with more great features than any other cart, including:

  • Comfortable, adjustable, bucket seats w/ padded arm rests
  • 13″ wheels and tires
  • Automotive-style dash and driver controls
  • Fingertip directional control conveniently located
  • On-the-column uniquely keyed ignition
  • Adjustable steering column height
  • 3-point seat belts, rear view mirrors
  • Independent front suspension for ultra-smooth ride
  • Front storage truck
  • On-board battery charger & DC-DC power converter
  • Unique paint & seat colors to create a one-of-kind look
Columbia Eagle LSV Electric Cart Black Side View
Eagle in Brilliant Black Crystal
Columbia Eagle LSV Electric Cart Root Beer 4 Seater Rear View
Eagle in Root Beer Pearl

Eagle is perfect for:

  • Golf Community
  • In-Town Transportatio
  • Second Vehicle
  • Resorts & Private Clubs

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