Columbia MVP Tram unit

MVP stands for Multi Vehicle Platform. MVP uses a versatile chassis design that allows Columbia to build a variety of different vehicles using the same basic platform, most commonly: Tram for carrying up to 12 passengers, Refuse unit for hauling trash, Platform unit for flat bed hauling.   Both single rear axle and dual rear axle models are available for carrying loads of up to 6,000 lbs. The MVP’s innovative design allows the drive axles and battery pack to be located in multiple positions for optimal balance in payload carrying capacity, maximum range and top turning performance.

Utilize the MVP’s Speed Rail Attach System to Securely up-fit a plethora of cargo modules or application specific equipment and you have a platform that can be deployed in hundreds of configurations.

Like all Columbia vehicles, the MVP is PURE ELECTRIC so it can be used indoors as well as outdoors. We have fully enclosed cabs, dump bins, suntops for tram units, and many other options and add-on’s that might be needed to create your specific vehicle.

Columbia MVP Electric Vehicle with Rear Lift Gate
Flat Bed Hauler with Rear Lift Gate
Columbia MVP Electric Vehicle Tank application
Tank Unit
Columbia MVP Electric Vehicle with Tandem Rear drive axles
MVP Tandem Axle Chassis
Columbia MVP Electric Vehicle with Tram Package
Tram Package with Suntop

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