2015 Yamaha Utility Cart Refurbished


Refurbished 2015 Yamaha electric utility cart
2-seater with rear utility box in excellent condition.



Refurbished 2015 Yamaha Electric Utility Cart For Sale

This refurbished 2015 Yamaha electric utility cart for sale is a 2-seater electric cart that has a rear utility box.
It’s perfect for maintenance operations, farm and ranch use, or just to run around your property.
Cart is in excellent condition.
Tires, seats, body, suspension, charger – we’ve checked it all and everything’s good.
The rear utility box is brand new and was just installed.
Has Yamaha’s 48 volt drive system, Trojan 8-volt batteries and battery watering system.
Batteries in this unit are 4-1/2 years old and load tested at 40 minutes.
They have a little life left in them, but not much.
You can take the cart and use it as is, or we can replace the batteries for you at  add’l cost.
Has a folding, clear windshield and a battery watering system.
Also has a headlight and tail light kit installed.
s/n JW9-517040

We have more used carts available. Some are plain 2-seaters and some with rear seats.
Contact us at (530)662-1788.


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