Trailer Tongue Box 16″ Tall Steel


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Steel Trailer Tongue Box 16″ tall

Manufacturer: Tradesman Truck Accessories
Model: 73687

Made in USA from sturdy 14 gauge steel and powder coated black. Ideal for storing your tie downs and other belongings on the front of your trailer’s tongue. Trailer tongue boxes are a great cargo storage solution to utilize unused space on your water craft, motorcycle or utility trailer. These have a strong 3-finger locking latch, a mini gas shock to hold the lid open and a foam seal all-around the lid to keep dust and moisture out. Measures 18″ tall, 34″ at the widest part of the back, 21″ depth, 16″ across the narrow front. The hinge for the lid is set forward a little, so that the box can be installed flush up against a trailer wall and still open without hitting anything. Beautiful, black powder coated finish.

Usual method of installation:
1.) Set unit on trailer tongue in desired location.
2.) Drill holes (normally four) through the box, into the structure of the trailer tongue.
3.) Slip a flat washer onto a hex head self-drilling screw and screw into the trailer. Continue with a screw in each hole.

No attaching hardware is included with this tongue box.

Additional Information

Weight 88 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 24 × 20 in