CM Truck Beds

Johnson Mfg. is the CM Truck Bed dealer for the greater Sacramento area.

CM Truck Beds are definitely “Ahead of the Curve.”  Here’s why…


CM’s headache racks follow the curves of the vehicle cabs they are mounted on, which makes them very easy on the eyes. Additionally, CM Truck Beds models are thoroughly and continually researched to complement the ever-changing styles of the auto industry and to maintain CM’s leadership in truck bed design and development.


CM Truck Beds feature frame rails and cross members made of channel – not tubing. The benefits are that the channel doesn’t hold water and is not as conducive to rusting.

Durability and Longevity

CM’s powder coating finish process gives CM Truck Beds unmatched finish durability, longevity, and gloss retention.


CM Truck Beds offers a wide variety of models, loaded with standard features, to fit every need. Many options are available on each model.

Johnson offers the following models:
SS Model – basic truck bed with smooth sides
RD Model – basic bed with rub rail & stake pocket sides
SK Model – bed with skirted sides & storage boxes
TM Model – skirted utility bed with large storage boxes
ER Model – skirted utility bed with center gooseneck trough