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Rack’em ladder rack for enclosed trailers

It’s called the Fitz All ladder rack because it fits on just about any enclosed trailer from 4ft wide to 8-1/2ft wide. Easily customizable to fit your trailer. Fully adjustable for quick and easy installation.

Very strong thanks to the inner-outer extruded tube design. The tubes are keyed and slide together for a no-wobble fit.

One set includes two complete crossmembers and all the uprights and screws to put it together. If you want four crossmembers, purchase two sets.

Constructed of heavy duty extruded aluminum and tig welded together for a super-clean look.

Installation notes:
Cut the vertical portion of crossbars (below the angled gusset tube) as desired to lower the height of the crossbars. You can cut up to 5″ off of the vertical tube. Use a sawzall or hacksaw to cut the vertical tube. The upright T’s slide into the vertical portion of the crossbars. Secure with screws.

Cut the outer crossbars as short as necessary to span the trailer width. Slide the inner crossbar half into the outer crossbar half. Secure with screws. Cut the crossbar covers to the desired length to “fill” the gap between the ends of the inner and outer crossbar tubes. Secure cover with a screw.

Make sure there is a structural memeber on the trailer behind the location where the upright T’s will be attached. Predrill and screw the upright T’s into the trailer at the rain gutter trim piece. Use the long self-tappers to secure the upright T’s to the trailer wall.

There are several youtube videos available to show you how to install the Fitz All rack.

One Set Contains:

2 inner crossbar halves, 2 outer crossbar halves
4 mounting upright T’s, 2 crossbar cover bars,
stainless steel mounting hardware,
installation instructions.

  • Model: 74155
  • Manufactured by: Rack’em Mfg.

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