Windshield Cleaning Kit


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Windshield Cleaning Kit for Golf Carts and Aircraft

Don’t clean your windshield with Windex and a towel !!  You’ll ruin it. Windex is one of the worst things to clean a plastic windshield with. You’ll get lots of tiny scratches that eventually make the windshield “cloudy” and hard to see out of. Use our Windshield Cleaning Kit instead, and keep your cart’s windshield looking great for many years.

The kit includes a large can of Plexo Plastic Glass Cleaner and two super-soft, microfiber cloths. Plexo cleaner is the preferred cleaner for aircraft windshields, boat windshields, computer screens and anything else you need to see clearly. The can we supply is 18.2 ounces of cleaner. The microfiber cloths we supply are the softest, finest cloths available.

It’s formulated specifically for use on plastic glass. It contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives that could scratch or discolor your windshield.

We recommend you spray the windshield with Plexo and use one cloth for the cleaning process and the second cloth for the drying process. Repeat on other side of windshield. Towels can be washed whenever you feel they are too dirty to continue using.

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