Battery Watering System – 6 Trojan 8v Batteries


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Single Point Battery Watering System – 6 Trojan 8v Batteries

Our single point battery watering system – 6 Trojan batteries makes maintaining the proper water level in your golf cart batteries a breeze. This kit fits carts with six 8-volt Trojan batteries.

No more spills, no more mess, no more over-filling.

Just put one end of the fill hose into a jug of distilled water and squeeze the hand pump until it gets hard to squeeze.

All cells are automatically filled to just the right level – even if only one or two cells needed water.

Easy installation of system — Just remove the caps off your batteries and twist the Pro-Fill valves into each cell. The valves are already mounted on manifolds. Connect each of the manifolds together with the tubing supplied and you’re done.

Kit comes complete with 24 Pro-Fill valves mounted on mini-manifolds (there are four valves on each manifold), tubing, connectors, plugs and hand pump assembly which consists of a fill hose, hand pump and quick disconnect.

Comes with 4-Cell Manifold (same as pictured except 4 valves)

Flow-Rite Hand Pump Assembly

Flow-Rite manufactures all these components in the U.S.A.

  • Model: 117842

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