Flat Free Golf Cart Tire Ribbed Tread Pattern


Never have a flat again! Flat free golf cart tires are perfect for tough environments where flat tires are a problem.

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Flat Free Golf Cart Tire Ribbed Tread Pattern

Never get a flat again! These Flat Free Golf Cart Tires with ribbed tread pattern are perfect for tough environments where flat tires are a problem.

Using regular golf cart tires away from the golf course tends to bring about continual problems with flat tires. With our flat free tires…..nails, screws, rocks and other threats are no longer an issue.

These flat free tires are manufactured in the USA, from a proprietary urethane material that is cast onto a heavy duty steel wheel making a one piece tire and wheel assembly that is virtually indestructible.  They are perfectly balanced and much lighter than urethane foam filled tires. Unlike rubber tires, these tires are highly resistant to sun damage and dry rot.

With a ribbed tread pattern, these tires are great for mostly hard and dry surfaces like asphalt, concrete, packed gravel and other tough surfaces .  A turf tread pattern is also available for running on grass or soft surfaces such as dirt, mud or loose gravel. Both tires are equal in quality. Which one you need depends on what terrain your golf cart is going to drive through most often.  For our turf tread pattern, purchase part number 74265.

The wheels that come with our flat free tires have a standard 4 on 4 bolt pattern (4 lug on 4″ bolt circle). Each tire and wheel weighs 36 lbs. — heavier than a standard air-filled golf cart tire, but about half the weight of a foam filled tire. It’s a great design because the outer diameter is almost exactly the same as a standard golf cart tire. Our flat free tires are 18″ outside diameter. The wheel is a 12″ diameter wheel, but the tire section is very low profile, making the urethane portion smaller and lighter than would normally be supplied if you used foam filled tires.

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