Bed Shaper

Johnson Bed Shaper

The Bed Shaper, one of the oldest members of Johnson Farm Machinery’s family of tillage equipment, is available in all sizes. This versatile tool, used throughout the world for over 40 years, enables you to precisely shape beds, allowing you to optimize your fields growing and harvesting conditions to obtain maximum yield.
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In addition to bed shaping, this tool may be used for precision planting and applying fertilizer and insecticide (dry or liquid). The Bed Shaper can also be used to list, cultivate precisely, and split dead-beds by easily removing the bed top covers.


  • Five 2-1/4″ high tensile strength tool bars – adjustable fore and aft
  • Unique truss structure design provides rigidity with minimum weight
  • Short or long pontoons available for guidance and stability
  • Wearing parts come with replaceable wear plates
  • Strongest Category II/III three point hitch available


  • Quick hitch
  • Adjustable bed height
  • Assist wheels
  • Pull-type configuration


Download the Bed Shaper Parts Book: