MD Mulcher

Johnson MD Mulcher

The Johnson MD Mulcher is a heavy duty PTO powered tool that is ideal for pre-plant mulching, for bed shaping and for close cultivating. It is the newest member of Johnson Farm Machinery’s family of tillage equipment.
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  • All welded rectangular tube frame for rigidity and extra long life
  • Top access doors for easy inspection & maintenance of blades, shafts & bearings
  • High-strength lower hexagon shaft with split rotors
  • Split rotors allow easy re-positioning of blades & faster rotor & blade replacement
  • Flexibility to add plant tunnels allowing close cultivation & protection from herbicide
  • Full-length furrow openers with front lister shovels to clean out and shape furrows
  • Rear bed shapers are screw-adjustable to vary down-pressure to set the soil “pack”
  • Offset straight “I” blades with chrome inserts
  • Two rear wheel gauge wheels to assist in setting consistent depth
  • Strongest 3-point hitch available – category II/III and quick hitch


  • Plant tunnels
  • Ultra high wear blades
  • “C” shaped blades
  • Shear bolt protection
  • Available in various sizes and combinations of: 3-row, 4-row, 5-row, 6-row and 8-row, 30″ beds, 40″ beds, 60″ beds, 66″ beds, 72″ beds, 80″ beds, 84″ beds


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