Charger Plug Cover Kit – Yamaha 48v Charger


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Charger Plug Cover Kit – Yamaha 48v Charger

This Charger Plug Cover Kit – Yamaha 48v Charger is a complete kit to replace the DC plug end on your Yamaha 48 volt battery charger. Kit includes: both halves of the plastic covers, new ends for both wires and 5 screws and nuts to secure the halves together.

The plastic cover often gets broken when dropped. Also, the terminal ends inside the plug have a tendency to get very hot and melt the plastic cover holding them in place.

When you replace this plug it’s best to solder-on the end connectors. Soldering, rather than crimping makes the best connection.

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  • Model: YJR1H235A0000
  • Manufactured by: Yamaha


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